Workforce Training

There is nothing more important to your success than a highly talented skilled workforce that can meet the constantly changing dynamics of the advanced technology market. Yet, 81 percent of respondents to the Institute/NAM 2005 Skills Gap survey said they could not find qualified workers to fill open positions.

The CACT are dedicated to building your workforce now and in the future. Our workforce training and education options are flexible and customized.

  • High-tech skills training
  • Workforce assessments and evaluation
  • Workshops & seminars
  • College and non-credit courses
  • Special initiatives to build a pipeline of advanced technology workers
  • Support of advanced technology programs
  • Access to apprenticeships and internships

Online Learning

We realize that your company needs to be lean and efficient. Timely adaptation to the fast-paced, just-in-time production and distribution cycles of this new century are critical. If you are an individual or a company with a small, medium or large workforce, check out this presentation on the educational resources offered through Tooling U, or visit the site for online learning courses in collaboration with Tooling U.

Contact us for a complimentary onsite workforce needs assessment.

Employment Training Panel

For more information, visit www.etp.ca.gov


Consulting Services

Because the CACTs receive funding from the California Community College’s Chancellor’s office and a variety of grants, we are able to find innovative and cost-effective workforce and technical solutions for California’s advanced technology companies. We have the same goals as California businesses — when you succeed, we succeed.

All it takes is one phone call to our advanced technology experts.

  • Training and workforce certifications
  • Organizational assessment
  • Process capability and evaluation
  • Quality systems audits [assessments]
  • Technical business solutions
  • Links to resources and new technologies
  • Access to funding opportunities
  • Strategic planning

Technical Services

Take advantage of our unbiased professional evaluation of your advanced technology processes.  Our business strategies and other technical services have proven results for California’s advanced technology companies.

  • Equipment selection and justification
  • Industry, Professional and Process Certifications
  • Sustainable practices and green technologies
  • Process improvements
  • Lean and Six Sigma deployment
  • Business strategies
  • Environmental regulation compliance
  • Hands-on demonstrations of new equipment and technology
  • Curriculum development to meet market demands

Contact us for a complimentary onsite needs assessment.